Fury over ‘Islam is light’ doll



Published: 14 Oct 2008

 A DOLL has caused outrage among parents who claim it says “Islam is the light”.

The Little Mummy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo Doll is also said to utter “Satan is King”.

Distributors Fisher-Price and Mattel deny claims by US parents that a Muslim worker has tampered with the original voicebox.

Bosses say the toy — also sold in Britain — is programmed to say “Mama” while the rest is “gurgling and gibberish”.

Heather Herode, 33, of Arkansas, said: “I bought it for my two-year-old. The packaging says, ‘The doll hugs and coos’.

But the thing clearly says, ‘Islam is the light’.”

No one has complained here.

A Fisher-Price spokesman said: “The sound is compressed into an inexpensive speaker, so sounds may be imprecise.”


COMMENT ! ! !: Coo Doll means that “USA is in the devilish way” by its word “Satan is King” , and the biggest country is in darkness so just Islam enlightens USA before she will be met with the Deluge in coming years ! (Mimoza33; October  17, 2008; Mysterious Cavalry)





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